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Steven Dilday

Steven Dilday Originally planning to be a college professor, Pastor Steven Dilday found his heart turned to feeding God’s people after preaching at Liberty & Grace Reformed Church in the winter of 2003.  Within a few months, he, his wife, Amanda, and their family had moved from bustling South Jersey to quiet Culpeper, Virginia, and from 2004 until the present, Pastor Dilday has ministered to God’s flock in Warrenton, Virginia.

Steven  Dilday is a graduate of Whitefield Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Puritan Literature and History.  When he isn’t studying and preparing sermons or counseling God’s people, he is busy translating several Latin theological works.  The project nearest his heart is the translation of Matthew Poole’s Synopsis, a sweeping, pivotal commentary on the entire Bible by a man that has been called “Matthew Henry’s, Matthew Henry”.

It is Steven’s desire to help God’s people know, love, and better understand their Bible, that they might know, love, and better understand their God.

Phone: (540) 718-2554



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John Uselding

John Uselding

John is married and has been blessed with three children. He has a degree in chemistry and works in the field of intellectual property.


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