Liberty and Grace Reformed Theological Seminary

The seminary is an integral auxiliary of Liberty and Grace Reformed Church that ministers the Word of God to students.

Liberty and Grace Reformed Translation Center

The translation center is an organization for translating Reformed works from Latin into English.

Matthew Poole Project

The Project is dedicated to republishing the extensive literary efforts of the Reverend Matthew Poole. The cornerstone of the project is the translation of Poole's massive Synopsis Criticorum (Synopsis of Interpreters), making it available in English for the first time.

Bernardinus De Moor

A translation project to produce an English edition of Bernardinus de Moor’s Continuous Commentary on Johannes Marckius’ Didactico-Elenctic Compendium of Christian Theology.

Edification Press

Westminster Assembly Project

The Westminster Assembly Project exists to make the writings of the Westminster Assembly and its members available to scholars and to the general public. It is the umbrella title for several subprojects, one of which seeks to publish the minutes and papers of the Westminster Assembly.

King James Bible Online